How much do I have to pay for a single room supplement?

Every trip specifies this cost. If you do want to share, we look for another passenger that is willing to share the room with you. If it is not possible, then we will let you know. Not all the hotels offer enough single rooms for a big group, therefore what we can offer you is subject to space from the hotels.

What are the hotels that you are workin with?

Our standard Comfort Traveller trip uses superior category hotels. We select the hotels for their caracter, adaptability to manage midium size groups, and of course, their service. It is not possible to compare the categories from Ecuadors's main land to Galapagos, since the infraestructure in both places is completely different. We will send you a list from the hotels we are using in a trip, and also you can see them in our web site direct in the tab "Accommodation" from every trip that we offer you.

Which companies are flying to Ecuador and from which places?

You can come to Ecuador from Europe in a direct flight basically from Amsterdam and Madrid. KLM, Iberia, LAN are the companies doing this flights. From the USA, you can come with American Airlines, LAN, TACA, and Continental. If in your trip we organize an internal flight to Galapagos with departure to your country on the same day you are flying from Galapagos to Ecuador's main land, we suggest you to buy your international flights with LAN.

What is the Online Travel Agent and How can I use it?

If you wish to do a Tailor Made Holiday to Ecuador, you can use our Online Travel Agent. It is a part of our website that allows you to build your own trip based in the information that we have given you on our website. You can put together activities shown as day tours, or pre made packages, and a estimated budget for accommodation depending if you are in Ecuador's main land or Galapagos, all this combined together in a specific time-line. You put this activities and lodging in the wish list, and we send you a concrete quote that has suggested any change necessary and also speficies the hotels we have found for you.

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